Senior High Youth AKA Church Nerds

The Church Nerds

What is a Church Nerd?
A few years ago a name was given to the high school Sunday school class: “The Church Nerds,” and it stuck!
The dictionary says .... a nerd is an unstylish, unattractive, or socially inept person…how quickly we want to label one another. We aren’t really nerds…no one is a nerd! We are children of God! Awed in God's eyes, not "odd" in God's eyes.
Nerds seems to be a good name for a bunch of teenagers who like to gather together on Sunday mornings at the church. 
We laugh a lot. 
We pray. 
We play. 
Then we laugh some more. 
Most of all, we are coming together to form a community of kids who care about each other. The world can be a lonely place sometimes, but we know that together in Christ we can face anything…absolutely anything.