The Membership Question

In the frenetic pace of our lives, we often sense that something is missing.  We yearn for God. 

The question of church membership can become an obstacle to seekers.  The truth is church membership counts for little in the kingdom of God.  Jesus simply asks his disciples to, “Follow Me,” not, “Make sure your name is on a church roster.”  We invite seekers to practice following Jesus in this community called Memorial Lutheran Church.  Your best “newcomers instruction” will be regular worship and joining in the other faith practices.  We are not fussy.  You may participate in the life of this congregation forever without becoming a member!

Some people find that church membership helps them follow Jesus with the faith practices of prayer, study, worship, service, and giving.  Because church membership is dedicated to this high purpose, it can be of value.

Pastors Herzberg and Burling will be pleased to visit with you about baptism, more in-depth study of the teachings of the Church, or becoming an active member of the congregation.  You may contact them at 382-6509.