Confirmation Formation

Partnering with Parents to Teach Faith in Jesus
Parents, we know that YOU are the most important teacher of your child’s connection to Jesus. 

Thank you for the 24 x 7 care you give to raising a child who knows God’s love and presence in their life!

We hope our Sunday School can be a partner with you, providing a time to enrich or deepen the faith lessons you are imparting in your home. We are volunteers who know that Bible study and fellowship with others gives a blessing. We hope you will agree that making Sunday School & worship a weekly priority is a key to raising spiritually strong kids.
Blessed for Learning
Children and adults bless one another during the Sending Rite of Sunday worship. Families are invited to a time of fellowship until Sunday School begins at 10:30 a.m.
The Curriculum
The curriculum of our Sunday School for pre-school through third grade is a Bible-based series called “Witness.” This course of study takes the children through the “story of salvation” sequentially with familiar stories starting with Genesis.The curriculum includes story-telling, memory work, crafts and activities. Our fourth through sixth grade students use the "Spark Lectionary" series which digs deeper into the same texts heard in worship. There is Sunday School for 7th and 8th grade and high school as well.
Music for Young Hearts
The children are invited to learn the joy of singing only for the glory of God. Music time will be in the Sanctuary. First through fourth grade children will sing from 10:30—10:50 a.m.; three and four year-old and Kindergarten children will sing from 11:10–11:30 a.m.. The children will sing for worship throughout the year. Thank you for making it a family priority.
Learning from Loved Ones
Our confirmation program involves learning from parents or other loved ones in “intergenerational” classes. 
Children 1st – 6th grade will have the opportunity to participate in an intergenerational class as follows:
4th Grade Intro to the Bible 
3rd Grade The Apostles' Creed
6th Grade Worship
5th Grade The Ten Commandments
1st Grade The Lord's Prayer
2nd Grade First Communion
Confirmation Classes for 7th through 10th Grade
7th and 8th graders and their parents meet for two six-week sessions in the fall and winter. Using the curriculum from "Here I Stand", the course moves through a scope and sequence that rotates every two years to cover the Old Testament, New Testament, Luther's Small Catechism and Lutheran History.
9th graders and their parents meet in the fall to study the Lutheran Confessions. In the spring 9th grade study choose an adult mentor and work through Discover Your Call together. Over the summer months the students and mentors complete a servant project.
In the fall of 10th grade students and mentors meet for six weeks of Christian conversation in the final preparation for Confirmation the first Saturday in October.