Memorial Lutheran Church Ministry Endowment Fund

Ministry Endowment Board consists of Kevin Gerlach (chair), Annette Dalthrop, Jerome Rewerts, Mary Pappas, Karen Blank, Sherry Petterson, Lonny Flack and Pastor Herzberg. The Board would like to recognize Dan Bappe, +Jim Christy as prior Chairs of this team. They were both strong advocates for the Endowment Grant process. 

Members and friends have an opportunity to inspire new ministries in Nevada and across the globe with “Legacy Giving” to the Memorial Ministry Endowment Fund.  Each year, the Memorial Lutheran Endowment Board awards grants to new and creative projects.   A congregational meeting early in 2009 established a protocol on fund distribution that "these funds can never be used for any budgeted expense in the congregation." Unlike some endowment funds, the Memorial Lutheran Endowment Fund has been set up as a perpetual fund, in that the principal will never be exhausted.   Applications will be gathered and funds distributed each year.  We invite all members and friends of Memorial to make plans to leave a “legacy gift” to the Ministry Endowment Fund.  Your gifts will help our congregation to contribute to needs of the community, global needs and church needs every year for generations to come. Questions?  Contact a member of the Ministry Endowment Board. 

The Ministry Endowment Board has already awarded grants for 2014 and will be requesting proposals later this year for grants to be awarded in 2015. Information on the grants can be found in this Grant Application form. For an electronic copy in Word format, please email Jodi Schuman at